The Price of Cheap Transcription Can Be Expensive (Stephen Colbert Will Make Fun of You, too)

How to get good transcription services

quality01 300x300 The Price of Cheap Transcription Can Be Expensive (Stephen Colbert Will Make Fun of You, too)

It’s always worthwhile to go for quality transcription and not for the cheapest rates.  I myself could go for a lot of cheaper stuff in my business.  I could easily opt for cheaper web hosting.  In fact, it’s tempting.  I could easily outsource all my articles to a cheap “content writer” on Elance.  I could easily employ the $10 per hour transcribers.

However, that’s not what I want to do. That’s not inline with my values.

To maintain quality and produce quality results, one often have to pay higher prices and rates.  However, it still isn’t that expensive. 

Going for the cheapest rates often result in expensive errors and mistakes.  You want to avoid that when it comes to your business.

It’s about protecting one’s name and brand.  It’s about maintaining and producing quality results.

  • Ask recommendations from friends and colleagues
  • Check out the transcription website and go to their Testimonial pages.  And actually read them!
  • For the long-term, stick with one transcription service that consistently gives you quality transcripts.

Quality has a high price.  Poor Quality is Expensive!

Most transcription rates and pricing are downright cheap.  This is, however, simply the case of demand and supply.  However, cheap transcriptions can also be really expensive.

This has to change in order that you get better quality transcripts.

  • Most transcription companies can only produce quality transcripts if they have enough time.  
  • To get enough time, they should be able to charge for that time.  Simple as that.

Additionally, talent is expensive.

When you pay very little for a transcription, transcription companies spend very little time on your transcript.  Therefore, what you get is most often the first draft.  There is no second-level or third-level proofreading and quality checking. The fact that most transcription companies charge so little for their transcription services is because most transcripts hardly go through any proofreading or quality analysis.

That is to say that the first draft is sent off to the client.  Because simply can’t spend more time on it.  Because they’ve been paid so little.   Cheap transcription rates and prices often begets poor quality transcripts, which in turn, means you’ll need to spend an additional time clean up the transcript.  Therefore, making your transcription price costly and even expensive at times.

Poor Transcription on National TV

You can become a National Joke when your speech is screwed up due to poor transcription. Florida’s Republican Senator Marco Rubio found that out when Stephen Colbert made fun of him and his transcript on his show, The Colbert Report.

Check out the video here - (Relevant video begins at 11:20)

The poor transcription reads – “I’m at the body in the homeless in August to pay thugs and be asked what’s the Hamas. You’ve got the April not because I was of them. I’ll get the paneling and soaps.”

Seems ABC News relied on a free computer software to give them transcription.  While a quick review of the transcript before broadcasting may be easily spotted the error however ABC obviously can’t spare any personnel to do that.

At TranscriptionPRO, this work would hardly cost a visit to McDonalds!

However, in the above example, it costs an National TV network and a politician embarrassment, and perhaps his Senate seat next election! 

When to buy cheap transcription

So, the question of getting quality transcript is not always a matter of choice.  Don’t go for the cheapest transcription rates if you will be using the transcript on national TV or you’ll be sending it out to a prospect or a business partner.  It will only be seen as an unprofessional work and you’ll be seen as such.

However, if you intend to keep the transcript to yourself and use it yourself and don’t mind the glaring errors and mistakes, quickly log into Elance and get the cheapest transcription rates on the planet.  Most of the time, beating even third-world minimum wage rates!

If you intend to use your transcription in your business or career, avoid cheap transcriptions like a plague. It can be expensive to your business and brand.

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