Exciting & Creative Benefits of Transcription Service to Publishing Companies

TranscriptionPRO’s Partnership Benefits for Publishing Companies:

The benefits you get from partnering with TranscriptionPRO will allow you to be more competitive and enhance your book publishing process.

  • You will get reduced rates for long-term partnership with us that saves you costs and overheads.
  • We can transcribe any topic or subject from any industry
  • Effortlessly, convert audio books into physical book or any other format with transcription
  • We can work with your own custom templates and writing style
  • Our professional transcribers are seasoned transcribers
  • We can research and use the correct jargons, terms and slangs specific to the industry
  • We can arrange custom payment terms – weekly, monthly or per project.
  • We accept any digital format and can work with any version of MS Word.

Publishers in the publishing industry need and benefit from transcription services, like legal and real estate industries.audio books transcription 300x223 Exciting & Creative Benefits of Transcription Service to Publishing Companies

Although the needs of the publishing companies differ from the transcription needs of law firms and real estate agencies, it still is mostly the same requirement.  Publishing companies need to transcribe interview recordings and other recording containing valuable contents.  It has also have authors who dictate their contents instead of typing themselves. Hence, partnering with a professional transcription service makes a lot of sense.

In the fast changing world we live in, publishing industry may be one of the most affected industries with the rise of internet, social media and free online content.  Hence the urgent need to be creative and find “out of the box” solutions to cut cost and bring about efficiency, and streamlining the publication process by management.

Audio transcribers working with publishing companies regularly have to transcribe audio interviews.  This makes perfect sense because writers and journalists research and get materials for their publication by interviewing people – thought leaders in the industry, employees of an organisation or subject matter experts.

Getting those recorded interviews into paper is the task that professional transcribers can do efficiently and quickly.

TranscriptionPRO Services would like to welcome publishing companies into partnership with our service. We will transcribe your audio recordings at affordable rates using your templates and style guide you have in place.

Publication businesses who regularly have audio books to turn into physical books can partner with us to take advantage of our reduced retainer transcription rates.

Our professional transcribers have a wide variety of experiences in transcribing any subject or topic with high level of accuracy.  And, we are resourceful enough to research and find the jargons and industry-specific terms.  We have transcribed materials on subjects like law, IT and internet, businesses and management, fitness, health and well-being and personal development, etc.  Basically, we have confidence to transcribe any topic under the sun!

Contact us today to take advantage of our affordable yet professional transcription service for the publishing industry.

Book transcription services are available for writers and publishers who need to get their interview recordings or dictations transcribed into editable Word Document.

Perhaps, you’re looking for professional transcribers to transcribe and collate a blogger’s podcasts to be published in to a book.  Or, a professors recorded lectures into a book.  These are all benefits you can take advantage of when you partner with a professional transcription agency like ours.  We accept any digital format and can work with any version of MS Word.

Start outsourcing your transcription requirements to take advantage of our expertise and cost-saving partnership today.

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  1. Hey That’s great. Thanks for sharing knowledge. My friend wants to start business but he was confused to use Transcription services online. This blog will help to understand more. It save lot of time which is very good for business.


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