How to Transcribe Verbatim or Word-for-Word

Almost all digital recordings in court are transcribed verbatim. Court depositions and court hearings have to be transcriber verbatim, word-for-word, so that everything is presented as is. This is so that whatever is said in a court hearing or a deposition is captured unfiltered. Apart from court hearings and depositions, transcription for movie subtitles may require verbatim transcription to keep intact the meaning of the spoken words as accurate as possible.

Aside from the spoken words, verbatim transcription may also require external sounds like opening door, closing door, a ringing phone, and other interruptions to be captured. In some cases false starts, trail offs and interruptions have to be captured and transcribed, but in other cases they are not required. Therefore there is no one way of transcribing verbatim. It simply depends on the client’s preference or the court’s style guide and instructions.

Whatever the case may be, verbatim transcription begins with a style guide and formatting guideline. Only with the help of a style guide a transcriptionist can transcribe court hearings and depositions following the instructions on the style guide.

Therefore, if you’re a customer that requires verbatim transcription your first priority is to put together a style guide for transcriptionists to follow. Without a style guide you’re putting everything in the hands of the transcriptionists. Their idea of verbatim transcription may not be exactly what you have in mind. Simply because there are many different ways of transcribing verbatim.

Secondly, it’s always wise to record court hearings and depositions in multiple channel recorders – each channel being dedicated to each speaker. Recorders like Liberty Court Recorder and TheRecord (FTR), two premier digital recording and content management solutions, allow for this.  These format of recordings are very useful for transcribers as they can switch channels to listen to specific speaker and therefore capture everything accurately, even when speakers interrupt or there’s cross-talk, as it usually does in courtrooms.

While many court reporting agencies charge upwards of $4 per page for verbatim transcription of court hearings/depositions, TranscriptionPRO charges for verbatim transcription services are downright cheap with much faster turnaround time too. Should you need verbatim transcription contact us today.

TranscriptionPRO partners with court reporting agencies and other professional transcription agencies worldwide providing verbatim transcription for court hearings and depositions.

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