Sermon Transcription: Transcribing Sunday Sermons to Spread the Word

Sermon Transcription: Sermon transcription is another transcription niche which entails transcribing sermons, speeches, talks, Bible studies etc.

Pastors and frequent preachers and speakers can get their video or audio recordings transcribed into text so they can use it again as articles, blog posts, newsletter editorial, or simply for safe-keep.


Transcription Helps Spreading the Word (of God)

Let’s say, you gave a sermon this morning in a relatively small town, to a small group of people.  In 30 minutes you changed a dozen thoughts, transformed a couple of hearts and even saved a few lives.

It was an excellent sermon – a sermon you are proud of and you took more than 5 hours working on it.  All folks loved it and congratulated you after the service.

After that …what?

That’s it!??

Oh no! It can’t be.

There must be a better way to utilize the sermon to reach out to thousands everyday, change lives and save more souls.

Yes there is, and its called sermon transcription.

A sermon need not be and should not be limited to the church-goers that day in that small town. It could be used to reach out to many thousands. Everyday.  In many ways.

If that 30-minute sermon was recorded and transcribed, below is how Sermon Transcription can be used for:

  • Used as a blog post - thereby its value only increasing everyday.  It will have the potential to reach thousands of people – everyday. And you don’t have to expend any effort anymore.
  • Your sermon transcript will work 24/7 for as long as the blog is online to save lives.
  • People will be able to share your sermon (now blog post) easily.
  • The sermon transcript can also be posted along with the sermon recording online for ease of reference.
  • Some people prefer reading to listening or watching.
  • sermon transcript will improve the SEO of a blog or website.
  • You will readily have material for a (physical) bookor turn it into a small ebook for download.
  • You are spreading the Word of God in the internet, changing lives and saving souls.
As you can see, a sermon transcription can be used in many ways.
It doesn’t have to limit its work to only the day it was preached .  It can be used as a mission tool to reach thousands of unsaved souls who are online, looking for that ‘something’ that’s missing in their lives.  Google doesn’t have the answers; but if Google can usher that lost soul to your sermon transcript you just might save a soul.
We provide sermon transcription services here on Our Sermon Transcription services rates are affordable and we also guarantee high quality transcripts (assuming podcast-quality recordings) and 100% cash back if TAT is not met.
Do contact us for transcribing your sermons or videos or lectures etc.  Sermon Transcription falls into general transcription category.



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