What to Blog about As a Law Firm or a Lawyer

Blogging has become a favorite and often necessary tool to market a business.  It’s affordable and easy to implement.  However most lawyers and law firms are still groping in the dark.  They simply don’t know what to write about and share on their blawgs!

Below are my blogging suggestions to lawyers and law firms.

  • Share your success stories.

If you’re a good lawyer with some repute I’m sure you must have a few success stories to share. Sharing such success stories will build your credibility.

  • Share the latest happenings in the legal field.

This may include conferences, new updates on certain laws and regulations. Or, what’s happening around your practice.

  • Showcase your expertise.

Write and publish case studies and by commenting and weighing in on current legal issues pertaining to your field of practice.

  • Show ‘em you care

Show people you care by addressing their concerns and answering their questions without expecting them to hire your right away.  Build connections and nurture leads by being human.  We trust people who care, deeply.

These are just a few examples.  I’m sure once you start blogging you will find it easier and perhaps might even enjoy.

About the author:  Carey Suante is the founder of TranscriptionPRO Services, one of the fastest growing professional transcription services providers.  If you want to write to him, just send an email to carey AT transcriptionpro.net

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